Butcher & Bee

How could you not try a restaurant with a name as cute as this? My experience with Butcher & Bee goes a little something like this. Every morning, I get up and I see a fabulous menu that they grace my twitter feed with; everything from pork belly sandwiches to pulled BBQ squash. Every day, I try to get there but something always comes up—and taking a trip just a little bit further down King St. seems all that much more complicated.


But the day came…and I finally was able to get a dose of Butcher & Bee.


I had to go all out since I have never been—and by going all out I mean ordering sides. Pictured above is the Kale Slaw, with soy, ginger, peanuts & the Okra and Corn. I would definitely recommend the Okra and Corn, the warm melange melts away in your mouth.



As you may know by now, I am an absolute sucker for anything covered in melted cheese. Thus, I ordered the Eggplant Parm. What you may ask made this sandwich? It was the fact that I saw the cooks in the back pulling the fresh baguette out of the oven.


Now that I’ve been—I can’t stay away. And with their late night hours, I have no excuses not to fit one of these badboy sandwiches into my week.


Who I would take as my date: The lady who owned my favorite baguette sandwich shope in Paris (this is how we do it in the USA)

Five Loaves

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m all about soups. My search for a warm bowl stops nowhere, especially when this destination is a minutes walk from my apartment. I find myself at Five Loaves, a corner restaurant that without a doubt has the best soups and sandwich selection in Charleston. 

Crab tarragon soup with a hot ham and brie sandwich. 

The combination of half soup, half salad or half sandwich is too good to be true. The bill also is music for the ears, always approximately $10. 

Chicken salad with grapes and a pickle. 


Who I would take as my date: A visitor who wanted to “eat where the locals eat”