Five Loaves

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m all about soups. My search for a warm bowl stops nowhere, especially when this destination is a minutes walk from my apartment. I find myself at Five Loaves, a corner restaurant that without a doubt has the best soups and sandwich selection in Charleston. 

Crab tarragon soup with a hot ham and brie sandwich. 

The combination of half soup, half salad or half sandwich is too good to be true. The bill also is music for the ears, always approximately $10. 

Chicken salad with grapes and a pickle.

Who I would take as my date: A visitor who wanted to “eat where the locals eat”


With my birthday right around the corner, I am in celebration mode. Today for lunch, I celebrated Verde’s birthday. King Street was blessed a year ago today with a salad shoppe, where you are able to indulge in healthy creations or make a personalized salad. 

A salad spot was definitely missing from the Charleston scene, but we aren’t looking back. 

My personal favorite is the Mesa Verde signature salad. Also, any place that cuts a fresh avocado in front of you, is a friend of mine. 

Don’t miss out on their soda fountain, offering old fashioned flavors.

Person I would take as my date: Workout partner