Cinq Choses

Quite frankly, I’m becoming a Francophile. Every day, there is something that I find myself more in love with in this diverse city.

This is my first weekend in Paris in a month, and the forecast is actually boasting spring weather.

1. Taking a day trip to the Normand country side to visit the home of Claude Monet. Even though the water lilies weren’t out because of the unusually cold and long winter, it was still a sight.

2. The trash system in Paris is incredible. I am absolutely fascinated by it. Trash is picked up around the city, small side streets and all, daily.

3. Reading the novel, A Moveable Feast by Earnest Hemingway and being able to recognize almost every location and restaurant that he talks about. Also, visiting his favorite bar, Closerie des Lilas and getting a cocktail.

4. Walking around Montmartre during the day and at night. You get a completely feel at both times of day.

Fountains which you can use to fill your water bottle, found all around Paris.

Home of Vincent Van Gogh

5. The boulangerie near my school that spews out smells that make you consider getting one of everything on display and has a line of french collegiate students to match. I normally go for a the classic sandwich with ham and cheese on a toasted baguette.

Loire Valley, FR

During my weekend in the Loire Valley, the feeling of “pinch me” never wore off. This could be attributed to the dewey mornings in the country side, where weeping willow trees draped over the road or it could simply be attributed to the stunning chateaux. Rather than explain with details, I will let the pictures do the talking. It is clear that there was a plan behind everything architecturally and that these beautiful structures have stood the test of war, invasions, extreme weather and most importantly time, not only historically, but also in terms of design, allure, and lavishness. 

Chateau Chambord

Feature: Double StaircaseRoom fit for a KingCurious kid in the gift shopFamous painting of the “Girl with a Hairy Face” in Chateau BloisOn my throneView from Chateau Blois, unlike other Chateau’s this was in the center of town

Wine tasting in Vouvray

My favorite chateau, Azay le Rideau

Writing postcards and enjoying a carmel chocolate from local ChocolatierChateau Chenonceau 

Room over the famous bridgesMy mom would be jealous of all the copper in this kitchen!

Fresh floral arrangements changed weekly fill the rooms of the chateau

Cinq Choses

As my time is dwindling down in Paris, the months have turned into days, I decided to reflect each Friday on five things or “cinq choses” I appreciate in my day to day Parisian life. They are small things, but things that make me fall even more in love with this city. 

1. My metro line (ligne 4) is incredible. It runs North to South in Paris,allowing me to get anywhere easily. Also, because my station is towards the end of the line, I love the certain occasions when I have the train to myself. 

The station entrance is in the art deco style—one of the few still remaining

2. Indulging in falafel after class at a restaurant that has been deemed “best falafel in the world.”

3. Musée de l’Orangerie. A very doable museum containing art from dealer and collector, Paul Guillaume during the Belle Epoque. Originally the museum was built to house Monet’s Water Lillie’s, or Nymphs—and it still does upstairs. Downstairs you can find Guillaume’s collection of artists such as Renior, Cezanne, Modigliani and more. 

4. This dog, guarding his laverie or dry cleaners. 

5. On a walk home, finding this thrift store that was far from thrifty. Everything in it was brand new! I found Christian Dior lingerie for 36 euros. Steal. 

Chez Hanna

Turn down Rue des Rosiers, a cobblestone street in the Marais and you will find yourself in a falafel paradise. Resist the temptations of the men that act as falafel “dealers,” who promise you that their falafel is “the best” and find yourself at the end of the road, in front of Chez Hanna. Congratulations, you resisted the smells of all the other falafel joints to find yourself here, a true culinary gem. The roasted and toasted eggplant on top of the falafel is worth the trip itself. Ask for sauce “picante” to spice things up. If you don’t have enough time to sit down, you are also able to order outside for “emporter.” I, however recommend taking the time to sit and indulge. 

Person I would take as my date: A fellow admirer of Middle Eastern cuisine

18eme + Montmartre

Spring was in the Parisian air. This made it the perfect morning to visit Montmartre, a hilly, lively neighborhood that sits as if a castle, above Paris. The church, Sacre Coeur rests on the outskirts of the city limits of Paris, looking over the skyline. It’s almost as if it is watching over all of Paris and its people. 

imageA lovely goat cheese saladimageLook familiar, Dad?imageOur sweet Parisian roomimageAmazing boulangerie for breakfastimageStreets of Montmartre image




imageClimbing up the many steps to reach the Basilica 






imageCan’t help but think of my mom (ZUT)image



imageThe Moulin Rougeimage

Happy Dimanche!


I’ve been hiding something from you. Paris isn’t just my city. I also share the love for all things Parisian with my longtime dear friend, Hayley. She just so happens to be here for her spring break. As she sleeps off her jet lag, I wanted to share some photos from our walk around the charming Latin Quarter this morning. PS. The Latin Quarter was given it’s name because it is the neighborhood where the Sorbonne is. Back in the day, everyone in this area spoke Latin! Happy Saturday. 

imageCroque Madame






imageGirlies in Paris

My messy sock bun

Our sweet hotel