REX Healthcare at Downtown Raleigh Farmers Market

I like food. You like food. And people in hospitals certainly like food. So why until now, has hospital food been limited to jello and cottage cheese?


Chef Steven Pexton of REX Healthcare, doesn’t think it has to be. In fact, he creates culinary experiences for hospital patrons that are replicated in a fine restaurant. Today, at the Farmers Market in Downtown Raleigh, I got a chance to speak with him about why it is important to serve both nutritious and delicious food for hospital patrons.

To this question, Pexton simply explained “Everyone comes from a food background, food is an important aspect in every persons life, and it is important to me to to make gourmet food in the hospital setting.” It is obvious that Pexton is trying to change what people think of as the typical hospital nourishment.

Today at the Farmer’s Market, Pexton served up a wild mushroom pâte accompanied by a sweet potato salad. And you guessed it, it’s the same menu as what was served at REX Healthcare.


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