So, I haven’t exactly been blogging. Not to say I haven’t been eating, and eating well…I just haven’t had the time to sit down and sum up these delicious dining experiences. But here I am, back in the USA, and I thought what better way to transition from my French food experiences to my American food experiences than writing about an American crepe restaurant.

This weekend, my travels brought me to Saratoga Springs, NY and my tummy brought me to Ravenous, a crepe restaurant off of main street. It was funny how almost immediately I felt at home (by home I mean Paris) when I smelled the sweet and savoriness in the air.

With seating in every nook and cranny of this small space, there was a busy vibe going on that made me excited to eat as I put my name in the cue. After being seated in the window and getting to know my neighbor, I took the time to review the diverse menu. They had Parisian classics, and some of their own unique crepes, such as the Taj Mahal which had ingredients that would be included in a traditional Indian curry and the Upper West Sider that had smoked salmon and cream cheese. Don’t forget to get a side of Belgian frites!

If you find yourself in Saratoga Springs, for a horse race or a concert at SPAC (I was there for a Phish concert), make sure you don’t miss indulging in one of these tasty crepes.

Who I would bring as my date: Parisian friends, to reminisce!


Paris, FR

The taxi turned onto my rue, and between all the massive architectural wonders, dropped me at a cove of houses or maisons protected by gates. As I was getting my suitcases out, a sweet lady briskly walked out of her gate. She welcomed me into her home and a home it was. I have never seen so much character; art, plants, books—in one house. While I stood with my mouth open, trying to remember how to converse in French-she welcomed my roommate and I to the marble table under a glass roof to a lunch she had prepared. We dined on vinegar carrots, salad, a baguette from her favorite boulongerie right up the street, and chicken. image



I then proceeded to walk up to the third floor where my loft is, and unpack my things. The entire time classical music was blasting throughout the house. My roommate and I then met up with our new friends; although the bar was not particularly interesting-the ride home was. The metro in Paris closes at 1:15 and at 1 we got on our first leg of the trip. At 1:07 we were tearing down a non-working moving walkway in order to get to our transfer point, all while being chased by non threatening french boys asking for our numbers. We made the last metro and managed to escape the french boys. 
imageThe window in my bedroomimageOur loftimage



imageThe key to my house

The next morning, it was time to find our school and register for classes. Followed by an written exam and oral exam, I was placed into my french level and signed up for the class ‘Fashion in France.’ This is a four hour class once a week and two of the four hours take place at a museum-what better way to see Paris then getting credit for a class! 
imageMy university on a rainy day 

I chose to dine in the student dining hall, the cafeteria was full of french students and professors. I ordered a salad and a water for just 3 euros! Apparently, the food at universities is subsidized by the government, so it is very inexpensive. 

Then it was a “freshen up on your Paris surroundings” bus tour through the city that happened to be quite rainy. These are a series of rainy pictures of the city of light. 

imageJardin des Tuileries 




imageThe Louvreimage

imagePlace de la ConcordeimageDo you spy the Eiffel Tower?


That night, my group dined at an exquisite fondue restaurant, which is reviewed on my food blog. Even though I was alone on Valentines day, I felt comfortable surrounded by the lovers of Paris in the city of love. 
imageValentines Day in France

A valentine package from ma mere

imageAbout time for a crepe!

My sweet boyfriend bought me a wine and cheese tasting lunch located near my university. I am hoping to take a wine class offered by my program-taught by a sommelier, to know what I’m doing! 

C’est un bonne vie!