The Macintosh

Although an acclaimed restaurant such as The Macintosh is not the typical antidote to your hangover, what better than a James Beard Awarded restaurant to heal your weekend blues. The Macintosh outdoor patio was everything a hungover person could want and then some. It was clean, there was a gorgeous fern encompassing breezy patio, and greasy menu options. What better place to cure your birthday hangover than The Mac?

The first option that I saw on the menu was a must. Anyone that has spent any time in Quebec knows that poutine is a coveted dish that can be found on any and every corner of the French Canadian streets. I haven’t had it since a few summers ago in Quebec, and it is safe to say there was a huge gaping void from the absence. Poutine is simple: crispy french fries, cheese curds and gravy, and it creates something sensational in your mouth. Something about the salty-squeaky-flavorfulness leaves you wanting more.


I’ve been hearing about “The Mac” burger by Charlestonians for years and it was time to get a taste of the classic dish. Seems bizarre that the signature dish of renowned chef Jermiah Bacon is a staple that can be found in every American restaurant, but let me tell you, he is doing something right. Heck, the restaurant is named after this burger…or is the other way around? The combination of aged cheddar, Nueske’s bacon, and Pecorino truffle fries did the trick-and it made me feel like a million bucks.

*Don’t worry, I didn’t eat two dishes of frites, but I am definitely guilty of dabbling in both. 

These Banana Pecan Muffins may seem a bit random, and they are, but sometime you just need to taste a restaurants baked goods to understand the sheer astoundingness of what goes on in the kitchen. These were amazing. They were crispy on the outside and flavorful, warm and doughy on the inside.


Who I would take as my date: Anyone visiting Charleston, this restaurant serves as a great example of the culinary gems in the city!

Kuba Kuba

On a rainy morning, I found myself in Richmond, Virginia with an empty stomach. I had a location in mind–and knew I was approaching as soon as I saw the grafitti adorned walls and neon signs. Kuba Kuba is a cuban restaurant that specializes in brunch.

I started my meal off with a cafe con leche. Now, I normally prefer my coffee black, but I was told that getting the sweetened condensed milk is what made this drink what it is. It did not disappoint.

I began with a salad that was chock-full of vegetables; avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

After looking over the extensive list of eggs, I finally decided to order the Tortilla Espangol consisting of a spanish style omelet with potatoes, green peppers and onions.
My date had the famous California Huevos which we comprised of two eggs over red beans and cuban bread, topped with monterey jack cheese, enchilado sauce, avocados and lime sour cream.


Having a sweet tooth, it was absolutely necessary to order the tres leches (three milks) cake.


Who I would take as my date: My friend who just studied abroad in Kuba Cuba

Old Village Post House

The classic brunch. There is nothing quite like it. I’ve been to brunches in locations from Montana to New York. Old Village Post House has the Southern flair to make it memorable. 
The building itself is an Inn, which gives it a charming touch and allows you to feel like you are getting away. 
The menu boasts classics, steak and eggs, a variety of omelets and sweet breads such as french toast. A Charleston classic, shrimp and grits is shown below. 
It is located next to, Pitt Street Pharmacy.  
Person I would take as my date: My Grandmother 

The Grocery

He didn’t always know me so well. It was my freshman year when he asked me on a dinner date, a date to Outback Steakhouse. How do I, a fine dining seeker, olive connoisseur and gourmand respond to a question of that kind? I regretfully decline. Luckily, he got it. It is now my junior year and he now has the ability to know just what kind of place is “my type”. 

We stopped by The Grocery at 1:30pm, just in time to catch their weekend brunch. The minimalist design mocks the interior of a fancy grocery store, hence the name. Jars line counter spaces and give credence to the name. It has a masculine feel, with wood tables and visible piping.

An essential for brunch: Fresh squeezed OJ. 

The menu offers choices such as: Quail and French Toast, Shrimp and Grits, Green Eggs and Ham, to an Oyster Sandwich. We opted for Huevos en Cazuela and Cornbread French Toast. 

Huevos en Cazuela (chorizo, potatoes, two soft poached eggs, manchego, pickled green tomato salsa verde)


Cornbread French Toast (cornmeal brioche, peach and bourbon syrup, spiced pecans)

Person I would take as my date: A business client