County Line

A clash of church-goers and football fans crowd around sticky tables as the Fall sun beams through the windows. Servers exchange smiles as they lead me to my table where I see a welcomed sight for a BBQ joint, a microbrew six-pack that has the brews replaced by homemade sauces (with clean caps I might add).

Suddenly, my Sunday was made by a weekly special — the $2.50 Bloody Mary bar. I can’t speak highly enough about the variety options offered on a table where tomato juice was surrounded by hot sauces, approximately 100 “sprinkles”, olives, pickles, jalapeños– the list could go on.
While the menu is simple, don’t be surprised when you blink your eyes and the entire table is covered with BBQ goodness. Portions are huge and there will be leftovers. Don’t neglect the warm cornbread muffins they put on your table–just don’t fill up on them.
After being thoroughly induced in a food coma, make your way towards the door taking one last look at the the contents of the Bloody Mary bar, and grabbing a fire head candy by the door.
This, my friends was a meal gone right.
Who I would take as my date: My little sister, a Freshman at the college in this town

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

If the warmth of a heater fails to make your soul snuggly in the winter months, I suggest strapping on your snow shoes and making a trip to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. This BBQ pit attracts Diners, Drive-In and Dive fans, leather-cladden bikers, and families, like mine that shared a meal together on one snowy day in Syracuse, NY.


In order to get a taste for what the menu had to offer, I had to get the sampler platter. That way, I could get a taste of fried green tomatos, wings, deviled eggs and cajun shrimp.


The homemade BBQ sauce is the most notable experience from this joint, and I feel I have the credentials to say so as someone who worked in the BBQ industry.

Person I would take as my date: My grandpa, to show him how hip his old neighborhood is!

JB’s Smokeshack

You know the feeling when you find something really good that’s not well known? That’s kinda how I felt about Charleston before I came to school here. With the canopies of Spanish Moss trees, brick sidewalks, blue skies and it’s perpetual charm. I was reminded of that feeling today, when I pulled off Maybank Highway with my two friends to enjoy some southern comfort food. 

The drive to JB’s Smokeshack is scenic, a perfect peek at what the Lowcountry has to offer with its high grasses and visions of blue water. Upon arrival, you step onto a gravel parking lot and make your way towards the haven. You walk in, hand the cashier $9 for an all-you-can-eat buffet and take in the sight of red and white checkered plastic table cloths, famous country singer’s framed autographs singing (pun intended) JB’s praises. Their testimony to how good it is was put to the test, and the singers were right. 

Take a cup full of ice off the counter. Fill it up with Sweet Tea. Grab a plate, and go down the buffet line. They have everything from collard greens, mac & cheese, green beans, corn fritters, fried chicken, okra, to a special meat of the day. The food is wonderfully flavorful and just makes the recipes seem “famous” and as if the recipe had been passed down for generations. It doesn’t stop there, you can go back for seconds…just don’t forget to get a new plate. 

While enjoying a meal and listening to pop country music, make sure you indulge in their homemade sauces. Also, don’t forget to go back for dessert. 

JB’s Smokehouse is a gem. You truly feel as if it’s an escape from the peninsula to get some quality southern cuisine.

Person I would take as my date: My dad