Early Bird Diner

I don’t trust a person who doesn’t enjoy replacing dinner with breakfast every once in a while. It was one of those nights where I couldn’t keep my mind off of eggs, bacon and coffee, and with this feeling I drove over the Ashley River to Early Bird Diner.
  photo 1
The sweet smell of syrup was in the air as soon as I opened the door, and as I took a seat on the worn plastic booth, I knew I was in for a treat.
photo 4
I ordered “The Mess” and was presented with a scramble of curried vegetables, potatoes and eggs topped with slices of avocado and served with a house-made biscuit. I would never guess that curry could taste delectable with eggs,  but there was something about the mix of vegetables and avocado that made it just right. Also, the biscuit was a real treat.
photo 3
*Side note: Do not ask a waiter in the South if their biscuits are homemade, they will answer this question with a “What do you think this is? Of course” and dumbfounded expression on their face. 
photo 2
My  date got the classic, Chicken and Waffles, because when in Rome… I thought the waffles were whole wheat, but was surprised when I tasted the cinnamon batter. The fried chicken was pecan encrusted and was the element that made this meal a ten. I wish that it was served with the lavender honey that is served during dinner, but the honey mustard also did the trick.
Who I would take as my date: A breakfast for dinner lover

The Glass Onion

Today I am very excited to bring a special guest to my blog. This diner has been with me from meals in seafood shacks on the side of the Carolina highway, osterias in Italy, bistros in Paris, beachside cafes in Greece, steakhouses in Montana, and hole-in-the-wall Chinese dumpling restaurants in New York. This diner is my boyfriend, Bert.

You should know by now that some of the best restaurants in the South East are concentrated right here in downtown Charleston, but there are many gems that can be found off the Peninsula. One of those gems is The Glass Onion, a delightful southern-style restaurant West of the Ashley River on Savannah Highway.


The lunch menu is full of the usual low-country favorites, but also has such delicacies such as Fried Pig Ear, or Fried Chicken Liver Po Boys. We went with a more conservative approach and got some local favorites.

We started with a house specialty- a simply-made yet surprisingly delicious Deviled Egg.


For our main course, we chose a pair of Po Boys- fried chicken and fried shrimp. Both were bursting with flavor, and having been topped with just lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, found perfection through simplicity.


The side dishes are where the Glass Onion really outdoes itself. We were served with a big bowl of some of the best macaroni salad around, and corn-on-the-cob which is grilled, then rolled in butter and covered in wisps of parmesean



Who I would take: Whoever I went out with last night