Fat Hen

I had the pleasure of celebrating my birthday brunch with friends at Fat Hen. I have been dying to go here for a few reasons a)It’s French (Huguenot) b)in order to get there you have to drive down a road draped with Oak trees that makes you feel like you’re on a carriage in Gone With The Wind c)I have heard fabulous things about it during my tenure in Charleston and it was about time to go!
photo 2

Drinks that come in mason jars just taste better.

photo 1


It decided to go all out on breakfast, it was my birthday after all. I had the sausage and french toast sandwich which was french toast made from a crème brulee batter, house made sausage, fried egg, jam, smoked gruyere with bacon cheese grits. The smells coming from this plate were enough to make you dive right in. I’m not normally a grit fan, but the bacon added the element I have been looking for all my years in the South. To think I’d have to go to a French place to figure this out…It figures…
photo 3I was going to pass the phone around and interview my friends on their thoughts on their plates, but I figured for once I would let everyone enjoy their food without shoving my iPhone in front of them. I did manage to take a picture of this French classic, Quiche of the Day. While I forget what was in it (although it looks like country ham) I was mainly tasting to compare with a French quiche. It did the trick.

photo 4


What birthday is complete without a big a** slice of cake? This cake was so delicious and I had enough to share with friends around the table and breakfast for the next three days. It was a magnificently on-point peanut butter and jelly cake. I’ve never had anything like it before. It was crazy good.


Who I would take as my date: My friends for a birthday brunch!