101 in 1001

An exciting life change is about to happen. I am about to fulfill a lifelong dream, and move to NYC. Seemed like the perfect time to set some future goals. Thanks to Mackenzie from Design Darling for creating this concept, and to my sorority sister Sarah of Global Gal for inspiring me to create my own! Here’s to completing goals!

STARTS: JULY 1, 2015

ENDS: APRIL 14, 2018

{17 COMPLETE, 84 TO GO!}

  1. Move to NYC August 22, 2015 {Lower East Side!}
  2. Visit a new country December 2015 {Aruba}
  3. See the aurora borealis
  4. Volunteer on PR committee of non-profit
  5. Save up and buy a Chanel purse
  6. Do something special for each member of my family
  7. Get a pet Luna the kitten, July 16
  8. Plan an extraordinary date for my significant other
  9. Get promoted
  10. Reconnect with my French host mom  After Paris attacks
  11. Reconnect with an old friend
  12. Drive cross country
  13. Take untraditional transportation to work for a week
  14. Eat paleo for 2 weeks Before Aruba! Totally recommend.
  15. Learn ancient Greek mythology
  16. Take lessons in a foreign language
  17. Read 5 classics 1. Bell Jar
  18. Start a mature collection (Coffee Table books?)
  19. Drink 64 oz. of water every day for a week
  20. Learn how to invest in the stock market and buy stocks
  21. Donate to the College of Charleston Alumni Association
  22. Get a crazy hair cut  Blunt cut, July 1st 2015
  23. Vote in presidential election
  24. Donate to a Kickstarter campaign I believe in OR create one.
  25. Start a new blog series
  26. Publish three “how to” posts
  27. Attend Saturday Night Live in NYC
  28. Do something special for my grandparents
  29. Create a cookbook of grandparent’s favorite recipes
  30. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge October 2015
  31. Buy a piece of art
  32. Visit 5 new cities 1. Sintra, PT 2. Caicais, PT 3. Winter Park, CO
  33. Visit a new continent
  34. Try a cronut
  35. Pay for someone’s coffee
  36. Make my own sushi
  37. Visit three new museums 1. The Frick 2. The Met
  38. Take a trip with my mom and sister
  39. See a professional sports game
  40. See 5 Broadway shows 1. Something Rotten
  41. See Shakespeare in the Park
  42. Plan a picnic
  43. Watch the sunrise July 26, Miami Beach, with Bertram!
  44. Take a carriage ride in Central Park
  45. Start a club
  46. Open library account at NYPL
  47. Get an NYC license December 2015
  48. Attend an awards show
  49. Learn a new skill
  50. Cook a cuisine I have never made before
  51. Inspire someone else to do a 100 in 1001
  52. Inspire someone to start a blog My intern, Esther July 21, 2015 – hushcenter.wordpress.com
  53. Make a perfect old-fashioned
  54. Successfully memorize names when first meeting people
  55. See Sleep No More
  56. Plan a reunion (Montana friends or Shadybrook gals)
  57. Read a book my grandpa suggested
  58. Read a book my mom suggested
  59. Read a book my boyfriend suggested
  60. Sit in the studio audience at Jimmy Fallon
  61. Leave a 100% tip for good service
  62. Research three charities to donate to
  63. Learn to meditate
  64. Do yoga every morning for a week
  65. Run a 5k
  66. Understand rules of a sport
  67. Learn to make macarons
  68. Attend the opera
  69. Attend the ballet
  70. Successfully hold the crow pose
  71. Successfully do a handstand
  72. Send flowers to a friend
  73. No soda for a month
  74. Sleep under the stars
  75. See a drive-in movie
  76. Finish a NYT crossword puzzle
  77. Learn how to play poker Ok, not poker. But Blackjack and Roulette, January 2016
  78. Make a homemade jam
  79. Learn how to pickle July 9 – Made pickles from cukes at NC Farmers Market
  80. Watch every Academy Award winner, starting from the year I was born 1991
  81. Cook Thanksgiving Dinner
  82. Successfully create an indoor garden
  83. Be a bridesmaid! Erin’s wedding in Colorado
  84. Start a new tradition
  85. Host a dinner party
  86. Attend a NYFW show
  87. Mail out holiday cards December 2015
  88. Attend a music festival
  89. Visit a friend spur of the moment
  90. Create a bar cart
  91. Repurpose a piece of furniture
  92. Purge closet and donate unworn
  93. Make crepes
  94. Do a month of squats!
  95. Ride in a hot air balloon
  96. Find favorite local market in NYC
  97. Find favorite park in NYC and frequent it
  98. Read a short story in French
  99. Attend a lecture Adweek 2015
  100. Help someone follow their dream
  101. Write a letter to myself on the day this ends!

2 thoughts on “101 in 1001”

  1. LOVE this list. May I tag along for some of your adventures! You’ve inspired me to create a long list of my own….travel and food will clearly be at the top of my list!

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