Introspection: Find Your Life Purpose


Wanted to share a lovely article done by Lululemon on finding your life purposeThis is the age-old question that is thought of by many, and answered by few. I encourage you all to take a quiet moment and answer the following questions.

Q. What would you do if you had six months to live?

A. Spend every last dime traveling and eating like a queen.

Q. What would your 90-year-old self tell you to do?

A. Stop looking at what I don’t have and appreciating what I do have. Spend more time with my family. Ask more questions. Face everyday with a positive attitude.

Q. What can you give yourself more credit for?

A. Being a self-sufficient 23 year old. How many people my age can say that they solely rely on themselves? Ok…except my cell phone bill.

Q. How would you be behaving if you were the best at what you do?

A. Always strive for greatness.

Q. What do people thank you for?

A. Honesty and Kindness.

Q. What is it time for in your life?

A. Time for memories.


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