F.A.Qs: Corianna Lehrman of Corianna Goes Cross Country

Loved completing this interview with Anthony from FlavorfulWorld. Check out his site for the best on food, wine & spirits!

Flavorful World: a Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog

Image credit: Corianna Lehrman Image credit: Corianna Lehrman

Our first interview of 2015 was recently granted to Flavorful World by Corianna Lehrman of the food and travel blog Corianna Goes Cross Country. As a longtime admirer of Corianna’s blog, and as an eater who hasn’t dined or drunk in nearly as many countries as I would like to have done by this point in my life, Corianna’s gorgeously-photographed record of global culinary adventures really awakens my inner wandering foodie. She talked with me on a variety of fun topics, including how travel has influenced her cooking style, how signature food-/dining-style can lend character to a city, and her affection for the Vietnamese soup Pho.

Flavorful World: On your blog you speak affectionately of your grandfather and the things he brought away from his travel and professional experiences that inform his cooking style. What three things have you brought away from your extensive travels…

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