Heavenly Buffaloes

It’s once in a blue moon that yours truly craves chicken wings. When it happens, my boyfriends springs at the chance to partake in a saucey-face off. He adores wings. If wings were a girl, he would date them. So, on this particular balmy day, after watching Duke play Virginia Tech…I made it my mission while hundreds around cheered for the Blue Devils/ Hokies, to find a wing joint worthy of my unusual craving.


We spotted the lime green shack from a block down the road, made our way through fellow game day participants, and came up to the window to place our order. We were promptly commended for our flavor picks. Mind you, there are about twenty…anything from zesty garlic parmesan, sweet thai coconut chili, to ginger & garlic (which by the way, was what I chose). Though the wings were on the pricy side, according to my wing guru, it was well worth it as the chicken wings are “Jumbo Fresh Never Frozen NC Cage Free Chicken.”


Heavenly Buffaloes was there for me when I needed it most and for that, I will be back.


Who I would take as my date: My boyfriend, clearly.

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