I have been putting this off for a while now. I could blame the delay on a multitude of reasons. The reason that comes to top of mind is that after nine hours at a desk in front of a computer, the last thing I feel like doing is coming home and typing about a restaurant that you may never be able to try. Or it could be, because only real friends like you sticking your iPhone in front of their colorful rushed-from-the-kitchen “be careful this is very hot” plates.

But maybe all it takes is a night that makes you grab a blanket, a Ladurée teabag, a good playlist, my beautiful 15 year old cat that recently moved in with me and my light-as-a-feather Macbook Air.

Since I last wrote, I took my first trip to Texas to visit a best friend and made a trip to the homestead – NYC. Both cities were a breath of fresh air and acted as a reset button. I’ve also slapped the dust out of my half chaps and mounted the opportunity to get back in the saddle. Like I stated earlier, my kitty came to live with me. And today, I became a petsitter for my apartment complex.

Today, I was stopped by a gaggle of firefighters asking where to go for lunch, and I was able to recommend to them the deliciously inexpensive Calavella down the street from my office. In Charleston, I was always being asked where folks should eat – from perfect strangers to family and friends. I realized this was the first time I have been asked in Raleigh, and it gave me a newfound confidence that I am finally getting the hang of this city. It was these fireman that gave me the final push to sit down and write tonight. So thanks.


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