Tasty 8’s

Veni, Vidi, Vici. Or for those of you whose boyfriend isn’t a Classics scholar, I came. I saw. I conquered.

Yesterday, my co-workers and I took a trip down our flight of stairs and out the door to our new neighbor, Tasty 8’s! I had been following them as they were under construction, creating menus and opening–so was excited to finally give them a try. It helps when you go with a group because that means you get to try all the dipping sauces for the Belgian fries. Personally, I ordered the dijon aioli.

Out of the eight hot dog choices, I chose the Windy City Weenie. I highly recommend. I like how Tasty 8’s cuts the CAB dog in half, to leave optimal room for the toppings to reach every part of the bun.

Choosing between milkshakes was hard, but I ended up ordering the Salty Dog–that is, salted caramel mocha milkshake. Delish!

photo 2

Dog display.

photo 1

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