A peep at Tasty 8’s

Luckily for me, the office I work in is next to Raleigh’s newest restaurant–Tasty 8’s. Unluckily for me, Tasty 8’s new menu boasts shakes. Not just your average neapolitan flavors, but creamy concoctions such as Momma Wells’ Tasty Treat (peanut butter, fudge and banana) and Heart and Seoul (Korean Chile Chocolate)–so basically anytime I have had a bad (or a good day) I will be running down to get myself a remedy.


A glance inside.

Appropriately, the hot dog collaborations match the creativity behind the milkshakes. I think I will try The Coop (Continental Sausage All-Natural Chicken-Apple Sausage, Cream Cheese, Cucumber, Avocado, Scallions).


I’m a fan of a small menu and even numbers. Choose a category, and then take your pick out of eight flavors.

I’m ready for Tasty 8’s to open!



UPDATE: Friday, August 22, 12:26 PM

Swung by Tasty 8’s this afternoon as their Facebook page showed they were opening today! I ran down to get a milkshake, but the line was too long–good for them! Tasty 8’s if you read this, with a line like today, you may want to consider changing up the cue formation (when you opened the door it was the middle of the line with no room to get around!)

photo 2

Busy inside.photo 1And takeout.

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