Obstinate Daughter

Let’s have an eating exercise (didn’t know that could happen didja?)

Q. When is the last time you were wowed by every dish that you ordered at a restaurant?

A. Last Friday when eating at the Obstinate Daughter.

I contemplated even writing about OD because at the moment it’s a best kept secret–but I wouldn’t do that to you.

I. You feel as if you are dining al fresco with the open windows adjacent to the booths. Take the time to notice the small details: cutlery out of cigar boxes, rope lighting, flower boxes, etc.

II. The menu is completely doable. You aren’t overwhelmed with options, yet there is enough variety to make the choice difficult. The family style menu is built around small plates – one of everything please!

III. The pizza. The pizza, the pizza, the pizza. It’s a good thing that I live downtown or else I would be accessorizing daily with a pizza box from OD. We had the Miss Carolina and I don’t think green tomatoes (my southern obsession) have ever tasted so good.

IV. The service was impeccable. Our waiter got the job in January and just began to work two weeks ago when they opened. That is lot of time for quality training. To our waiter, thank you for not making us ask to give us new plates sans octopus!

V. Rumor has it that the downstairs will soon be turned into a gelateria. Can’t wait any longer? Order the generous scoop of gelato. We had chocolate affogato. It was to die for.


photo 1Tuna Conserva – green beans, black olives, potatoes, red onion, tonnato

photo 3
Miss Carolina – green and red tomato, mozzarella, basil, olive oil photo 2

Mepkin Abbey Mushrooms – kale, breadcrumb, parmesan, farm egg & Griddled Octopus – white beans, rapini kimchi, charred green onion

photo 5

Chocolate Affogato 
photo 4Obstinate Flatbread – olive oil, Bulls Bay sea salt, butterbean puree


Who I would take as my date: You would be lucky to come with your worst enemy.

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