Cru Cafe

It’s insane that I haven’t written about Cru Cafe yet. It’s insane because it was the first restaurant I ate at when first visiting Charleston and probably my favorite.

I. I’m not exaggerating when I say you will want everything on their menu. It is beyond words hard to decide what you want to order. I have the found the best thing to do at lunchtime is order a sandwich and split with your dining companion, that way you get to try a bit of everything.

II. The outdoor patio is quintessentially Charleston. With overflowing flower boxes full of ranunculus (found out the name of flower thanks to the adorable host Nate), and scents wafting from their outdoor slow cooker, you can’t go wrong.

III. Their bread basket is not for the weakhearted. By this I mean, this bread is the equivalent to the best baguette I had in Paris. THAT IS A BOLD STATEMENT. Seriously, there is something about it. It could be the thyme that perfectly complements their recipe.

IV. The location of the restaurant is off the beaten path, yet somehow the perfect location. I love to take my out of town guests here. It is right off Market Street, and close to the carriage stables. Take your guests here for lunch to give them a true taste of Charleston, between strolling Rainbow Row and swinging in Waterfront Park.

V. When waiting for a table, take a look into the kitchen. While I haven’t had the chance to peer into every Charleston kitchen, this kitchen dynamic has got to be my favorite. You can tell they are totally a team, and their energy for the cafe is evident in the way your dishes are prepared.

photo 5

Smoked turkey and brie

photo 2

Asian chicken salad

photo 1-1

Caesar salad

photo 4

SLT- Shrimp, Lettuce, Tomato

photo 3-9The one and only bread basket.

Who I would take as my date: All the Charlestonians who don’t know about this hidden gem!

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