Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap House

Something unexpected came by way of Cumberland Street last weekend. While walking from East Bay, bored by the choices of restaurants covered by the facades of row houses, my date and I stumbled upon a bright light on a dark street. We entered Craftsmen Kitchen & Tap House on a Friday night to find a wait for tables but an open bar. While sitting at the bar, we heard tales of the bartender participating on a famed chef television series, listened to people who had traveled from far to visit Charleston and the Tap House, all while looking over the extensive beer list. The bartender was kind enough to ask me my tastes in beer, taking the time to figure out what I may like to try.

photo 1

The menu was separated by daily features (which are listed daily on their comprehensive Facebook page) and bar staples. The menu tooted complex dishes such as scotch eggs, house cured corn beef with apple kraut, and confit chicken salad sandwich. After reviewing the well-sized menu for a little too long, the patient and helpful bartender took our order. When our food came out, we were automatically excited by the presentation.

We ordered the fried chicken with vinegared cukes and fish and chips. The food was exceptional. Honestly, this place is a hidden gem. I’m talking so good that we asked the bartender to tell the chef about his level of excellence, to which the chef immediately came out to meet us. They have a menu that is able to appeal to a variety of appetites while still “wowing” a dignified eater. The fried chicken had a kick that was executed with perfection and the fried fish and chips was a great spin on an easy dish.

photo 2

photo 3

My date and I definitely will return to this location. We are especially looking forward to coming when the weather warms up to sit on their cozy patio.

Who I would take as my date: Someone visiting on the weekend. To me, Craftsmen is the quintessential neighborhood bar and restaurant.

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