The Tattooed Moose

Not so far from the bustle of downtown, there is a restaurant situated quietly on Morrison Drive that allures those in search of a homey, comforting meal. Dark inside, and with an alternative playlist with songs so good, you keep reaching for your phone to Shazam, The Tattooed Moose seems to nonchalantly say, “I’ve been here the whole time, you just weren’t cool enough to know about me.”


As you are seated, a bowl of pickles with different hues of green is presented. Nosh on a few, place your order, then make your way to one of the arcade games around the perimeters of the restaurant. Personally, I found the range game entertaining.


Whoever was brilliant enough to come up with concept of the leftover Thanksgiving sandwich, is smart enough to know that I crave the flavors of Turkey Day 364 days of the year. The sandwich had every flavor essential to creating the perfect day-after sandwich; turkey, cranberry-mayo, and stuffing. I’m tempted to stop typing right now and go get one.

IMG_7070For those of you that just want a “basic” deli sandwich, they’ve got that too. Pictured below is the brisket sandwich and slaw.


And of course, you can’t not get a basket of the duck fat fries. They are a staple of this haunt. IMG_7068

The Tattooed Moose’s website says it best:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cool place where you could get a great deli sandwich and a cold beer? Maybe you could get a great basket of fries, maybe they’d have awesome happy hour specials with cheap beer and shots? What if we had a neighborhood place that served lunch, dinner, and late-night and it was only 5 minutes from everyone in metro Charleston? These are the questions that led us to open the Tattooed Moose, a laid back pub and deli with good beer, cheap beer, lots of shots, and a kitchen that’s open ’til 1am!”

And that is exactly what happens at The Tattooed Moose.
Who I would bring as my date:  A Charleston local who hasn’t been. Because you can’t be a Charleston local without eating here.

1 thought on “The Tattooed Moose”

  1. I’m with you on the Thanksgiving stuff. Favorite food holiday. Could you inquire whether this establishment is willing to franchise? It’s time to introduce to NOVA!

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