Southern Season

A few weeks ago,  I had a not so traditional eating experience. Jars of sugary treats, deep reds and crisp whites of international wines, cocoa and woody colored coffee beans colored the aisles, leading me to the back of the specialty store where an open room with high ceilings, bright white granite and stainless steel invited me to take a seat in the classroom.


The people of Southern Season acted as sous-chefs in preparation for chef Paul Yellin, a bona fide Rhum Chef. All of the sous-chef Southern Season personnel know an extensive amount about food, and most seem to have been classically trained in cooking school. One sweet woman who acted as the talk show host for the class, specialized in varieties of salts, taking the time after class to lead me to the bountiful salt aisle of the store and have me taste the varieties of salt from the palm of her hand.


Chef Paul Yellin, preparing the Tropical Flavors of the Caribbean class, preaching about the Caribbean and its impact on Charleston, rum and the value of ingredients.


For starters, we watched as chef Yellin made virgin Mojitos and Baked Curry Beef Mini Arepas. There were two wines paired with the entire meal and the wine was generously poured, over and over again.


The Bar-B-Fried Chicken with Molassas Rum BBQ Sauce and Coleslaw was prepared before our eyes in a matter of minutes. Chef made too much sauce, which he promptly boxed up for us to take home.


A spin-off on traditional crème brûlée, chef created this concept for a food fair in Aspen years ago and said it has been popular ever since. The Mini Strawberry Crème Brûlée with Crisp Burnt Sugar Crust were elegant, easy to pop in your mouth, and perfect for a cocktail party.

I would easily take another class at Southern Season. The staff were professional, knowledgable, and most importantly, there to provide you with the best culinary experience.

To access the calendar of events, check out the Charleston, SC calendar here and the Chapel Hill, NC calendar here. Rumor has it that a store will soon be opening in Richmond, VA.

Who I would take as my date: My mom (such a fun mother-daughter bonding experience!)

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