I dined at Indaco a few weeks ago, and am just getting the chance to write about the flavors of this King Street establishment. Indaco has an extensive Italian wine list and the menu takes the best of Italy.


I ordered (in order of appearance below) the pumpkin blossoms, olives, and crispy chickpeas. They were each notable. The pumpkin blossoms were battered baccala (salted cod) which is a familiar flavor from Portugal. This was a unique plate which is currently nominated for a James Beard award. As an olive connoisseur,  I throughly enjoyed the olives which tasted as if they were each given special attention. And, finally, the chickpeas were seasoned and delectable.

photo 2-1

photo 1-1

photo 3-1

Primi and Secondi

The primi and secondi didn’t quite live up to the expectations set by the antipasti. Although rich in appearance, the taste was a bit simplistic.  Below (in order) eggplant lasagne, whole roasted b-liner with kale salad, and brussel sprouts pizza.

photo 5-1

photo 4-1

photo 2
Interior of the fish (stuffed wit herbs, lemon, and bonesphoto 1


The best part of the meal, hands down, were the desserts. Without even ordering, three beautiful glasses appeared on the table with sweet treats. I am not quite sure what they were, but some flavors my table discovered through detective work: espresso, panna cotta, tiramisu, honey and pistachio.

photo 5 photo 4photo 3

Who I would take as my date: Dessert lover for an unexpected treat

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