Zero George

A newcomer on the Charleston scene, Zero George is a quaint boutique hotel. A birthday party was the perfect occasion to try out the small plates and cocktails from the romantic restaurant connected to the hotel. You walk directly into the kitchen, where the chef prepares dishes from brightly colored Le Creuset bakeware.
photo 1

The menu was limited, but included well thought-out dishes such as brussel sprouts & frisee and black-eyed susan hummus.
photo 2

Beat salad with grilled cauliflower, mache and spliced sweet potato. The combination of these legumes was delectable and a perfect autumn dish.

photo 3

Duck confit with risotto.

photo 4Pan roasted shrimp on a skewer.

When I walked from the beautiful patio space to exit the cafe, I found guests sitting at stools in the kitchen, conversing with the chef and waiting for their meals to be prepared. The cafe reminded me of Europe. Things that contributed to this feeling: Le Creuset bakeware, Miele Espresso Maker, exquisite candlelit outdoor patio space, and the homey feel of welcoming guests in the kitchen.

Who I would take as my date: A friend on an autumn night to grab a glass of wine


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