Bay Street Biergarten

Bay Street Biergarten transports you. No, not to Germany (where are the lederhosen?)–but it does make me feel as if I am in a big city, such as New York or DC. I definitely didn’t feel like I was in Charleston. Why you may ask? First of all, the space is big. Unlike most nook and cranny places in Charleston, the Biergarten boasts luxuries such as patio space, multiple booths, community tables, a large bar and a wall tap. And, the wood walls, tables and leather booths made me think of a place my dad would go with colleagues to lunch in the District.

When you walk in you have the option to purchase a reusable card or be seated at a table. I purchased a card, and made my way over to the “tap wall.” I initially put $25 on my card, and when I took my mug away from the wall I was surprised to see that there was only $11 dollars left on my card. That’s right, a $14 beer my friends.

*Note to Biergarten-goers: Either learn how to pour a perfect beer or leave the foam in! That foam is worth ~$5. 

BSB is a very social place. I sat at a community table, where people were constantly coming over to place their card on the pad and get beer from the table tap. One would think that the kegs are under the tables. Wrong. The manager told my table that the black tubes that you see on the ceiling transport the beer all around the restaurant. Pretty crazy. I can’t even imagine how they pressurize all these different beers!

photo 1

Wall o’ Beer

photo 2

Beer card (which also makes an awesome gift card)

photo 3

How to have fun: Place card on pad reader, and pull the tap–voila–beer! If you want to know more about the beer, press the iPad screen to find out price per ounce, flavor notes, and alcohol content.

photo 4

Had to get a pretzel, because when in Rome, Germany Charleston. The mustard was very dijion-y and very yummy.

photo 5

The manager recommended: pimento cheese sticks, pig wings and shrimp and grits bites. I was not so excited about the name “pig wings” considering….well, pigs don’t have wings. BUT- they were extremely delicious. Better than chicken wings. Think rib-bites.

Who I would take as my date: Beer lover. Pretzel lover. Social lover.

2 thoughts on “Bay Street Biergarten”

  1. Corianna! Your sweet blog is the SO CUTEST! I work at the Biergarten and just wanted to say a quick thank you for coming in, and for your review! So glad we were able to serve you.
    Apologies for the foam troubles- our system is unique to the area and so new that it’s taking us all time to adapt! Next time you drop by, it should help to fully engage the tap handle as you pour, reducing air in the lines that run from our keg cooler and thus, minimizing foam to whatever amount you desire! We also provide a quick tutorial for proper pours on the iPads that tell you about each beer’s flavor and price per ounce.
    Our tap table wizards have also taken great care to see to it that you are charged only for beer dispensed, and not foam! (A very small percentage of foam is beer, so I imagine if you did end up with a wonky keg that produced an entire glass, you’d see a small dent in your Beer Card balance, but we promise to step in if this ever happens!)
    We cannot wait to see you back at BSB again soon. Make sure you request a side of our IPA cheddar sauce with your next pretzel. Yum!

  2. Emily– Thank you for the tips and tricks! I have been a few times since this post and have definitely got my beer pouring down to a science. I was also happy to see that there is a person by the beer wall helping people with “the perfect pour!” Cheers!

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