Early Bird Diner

I don’t trust a person who doesn’t enjoy replacing dinner with breakfast every once in a while. It was one of those nights where I couldn’t keep my mind off of eggs, bacon and coffee, and with this feeling I drove over the Ashley River to Early Bird Diner.
  photo 1
The sweet smell of syrup was in the air as soon as I opened the door, and as I took a seat on the worn plastic booth, I knew I was in for a treat.
photo 4
I ordered “The Mess” and was presented with a scramble of curried vegetables, potatoes and eggs topped with slices of avocado and served with a house-made biscuit. I would never guess that curry could taste delectable with eggs,  but there was something about the mix of vegetables and avocado that made it just right. Also, the biscuit was a real treat.
photo 3
*Side note: Do not ask a waiter in the South if their biscuits are homemade, they will answer this question with a “What do you think this is? Of course” and dumbfounded expression on their face. 
photo 2
My  date got the classic, Chicken and Waffles, because when in Rome… I thought the waffles were whole wheat, but was surprised when I tasted the cinnamon batter. The fried chicken was pecan encrusted and was the element that made this meal a ten. I wish that it was served with the lavender honey that is served during dinner, but the honey mustard also did the trick.
Who I would take as my date: A breakfast for dinner lover

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