If I closed my eyes, you could tell me I was in Paris and I would believe you. A trip to Vero Beach, Florida gave me this familiar yet-distant feeling: a Pâtisserie comparable to my frequented Parisian pâtisseries.

A lime tart that is quite pleasing to the eye and taste buds.

photo 3

A chicken salad sandwich on a fresh croissant.

photo 2

Selection of fromage

photo 1

Assortment of items typical from a pâtisserie: croissants, baguettes, palmiers, monkey bread, cookies + scones.

photo 5

There is something I would like to address, it’s actually the elephant in the room. We need to talk about the macarons. They are better than the macarons in Paris. I indulged in a toasted coconut macaron with passion fruit filling and it was divine.

photo 4

A house roasted turkey sandwich: mango salsa, fresh goat cheese, seeded wheat

I had heard about the Patisserie for months, and was so excited to finally get the opportunity to dine there (twice). Let’s just say, I will be back.

Who I would take as my date: A Parisian

2 thoughts on “Patisserie”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. The Patisserie is OUTSTANDING. They are very much missed in the tri-states of NY,NJ&PA. Vero Beach and the surrounding areas are so blessed to have Mark and Christian in their own backyard!

  2. Cory, this is sooooo great !!! I am so glad you enjoyed the Patisserie so much. Now you can relate to what the girls are always taking about on a “daily” basis. :-)Thanks for visiting us and come back to Vero Beach soon. xoxo

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