Trattoria Lucca

Monday nights at this cozy Italian restaurant are dedicated to something Italians do best, family style dinners. You pay per head and are served courses created by chef Ken Vedrinski. The menu changes according to what local ingredients inspired him or what fresh catch he can get from his fisherman. And, I trust any chef that is also a certified Sommelier, because lets be honest, if you have a gift for wine, you have a gift for food. 

I was very fortunate to spend this meal with a dear friend who was celebrating her 22nd birthday! She just returned from studying in Florence, Italy (with an expertise in wine and food).

What you are about to see is all-inclusive within the family style dinner.  


This bread could have been a course. One of the top things I miss about Europe is the amazing bread–so when I taste it, I just can’t say no to another slice, roll, piece, stick, etc… 


Butter bean salad


Fried Cauliflower. Can’t have just one. 


Charcuterie Board


Who knew a pasta with red sauce could be so flavorful?


Mushroom topped Pork Loin



This meal is perfect for Monday nights, it keeps you full all week.

Who I would take as my date: A friend who studied abroad in Italy to show that there can be good Italian in America!

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