County Line

A clash of church-goers and football fans crowd around sticky tables as the Fall sun beams through the windows. Servers exchange smiles as they lead me to my table where I see a welcomed sight for a BBQ joint, a microbrew six-pack that has the brews replaced by homemade sauces (with clean caps I might add).

Suddenly, my Sunday was made by a weekly special — the $2.50 Bloody Mary bar. I can’t speak highly enough about the variety options offered on a table where tomato juice was surrounded by hot sauces, approximately 100 “sprinkles”, olives, pickles, jalapeños– the list could go on.
While the menu is simple, don’t be surprised when you blink your eyes and the entire table is covered with BBQ goodness. Portions are huge and there will be leftovers. Don’t neglect the warm cornbread muffins they put on your table–just don’t fill up on them.
After being thoroughly induced in a food coma, make your way towards the door taking one last look at the the contents of the Bloody Mary bar, and grabbing a fire head candy by the door.
This, my friends was a meal gone right.
Who I would take as my date: My little sister, a Freshman at the college in this town

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