Kuba Kuba

On a rainy morning, I found myself in Richmond, Virginia with an empty stomach. I had a location in mind–and knew I was approaching as soon as I saw the grafitti adorned walls and neon signs. Kuba Kuba is a cuban restaurant that specializes in brunch.

I started my meal off with a cafe con leche. Now, I normally prefer my coffee black, but I was told that getting the sweetened condensed milk is what made this drink what it is. It did not disappoint.

I began with a salad that was chock-full of vegetables; avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.

After looking over the extensive list of eggs, I finally decided to order the Tortilla Espangol consisting of a spanish style omelet with potatoes, green peppers and onions.
My date had the famous California Huevos which we comprised of two eggs over red beans and cuban bread, topped with monterey jack cheese, enchilado sauce, avocados and lime sour cream.


Having a sweet tooth, it was absolutely necessary to order the tres leches (three milks) cake.



Who I would take as my date: My friend who just studied abroad in Kuba Cuba

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