The Ordinary

The Ordinary is anything but ordinary. Nominated for a James Beard award, the Ordinary doesn’t mess around when it comes to a fine dining experience.


The menu is perfectly sized, all fitting on one page which is developed into the following categories: cold, hot, seafood towers, soup + salad, and large plates.


I began my meal by enjoying the crispy clams. The only thing I can compare it to is meatclamloaf. It was a tasty mixture of clam meat, herbs and breading.


My dear friend recommended the hawaiian rolls to me (listed under sides). The rolls are soaked in pineapple juice + coconut milk and they are heaven on earth.


My entree from the large plate menu was the caribbean stew. It. was. incredible. I can’t even explain how opulent the broth was that the array of seafood sat in. There was rice hiding underneath the stew.


My date enjoyed the black bass en papillion. Upon opening the papillion paper, we were presented with the fish which was surrounded by tomatoes, olives and capers—creating a provocative dish.


It is impossible for me to refuse dessert at a restaurant this good. I had the salted mint chocolate and nut surrounded by caramel. It was the perfect way to end a perfect meal.

Who I would take as my date: My Mom ❤

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary”

  1. […] It is easy to be transported when eating at Xiao Bao Biscuit, where centerpieces of fire engine red chopsticks in mason jars decorate the tables. Not only does the gas station-turned restaurant make you feel like you are somewhere other than Spring Street, but there are also menu items from various Asian destinations. I’m not talking standard pad thai and chicken + broccoli—I’m talking a menu that has been thought up by a master cuisiner. XBB was also a nominee on Bon Appetit’s “50 Best New Restaurants in America,” also listed was previously blogged, The Ordinary.  […]

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