Butcher & Bee

How could you not try a restaurant with a name as cute as this? My experience with Butcher & Bee goes a little something like this. Every morning, I get up and I see a fabulous menu that they grace my twitter feed with; everything from pork belly sandwiches to pulled BBQ squash. Every day, I try to get there but something always comes up—and taking a trip just a little bit further down King St. seems all that much more complicated.


But the day came…and I finally was able to get a dose of Butcher & Bee.


I had to go all out since I have never been—and by going all out I mean ordering sides. Pictured above is the Kale Slaw, with soy, ginger, peanuts & the Okra and Corn. I would definitely recommend the Okra and Corn, the warm melange melts away in your mouth.



As you may know by now, I am an absolute sucker for anything covered in melted cheese. Thus, I ordered the Eggplant Parm. What you may ask made this sandwich? It was the fact that I saw the cooks in the back pulling the fresh baguette out of the oven.


Now that I’ve been—I can’t stay away. And with their late night hours, I have no excuses not to fit one of these badboy sandwiches into my week.


Who I would take as my date: The lady who owned my favorite baguette sandwich shope in Paris (this is how we do it in the USA)

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