Mintwood Place

Every once and a while I am reminded of why am I am so infatuated with cuisine and the art of gastronomy. It is meals that leave me with an “ohemgee”, “oh la la la”, “ah ha” expression on my face. This expression on my face was one I wore throughout Europe, but while back in the states it has been a rare occurrence. It was at my Dad’s birthday celebration in DC where I felt this connection to my meal all over again. 


After biking around the DC neighborhood of Adams Morgan and various other parts of the “town” via Capital Bikeshare, my family had worked up a much deserved appetite*. 

*sidenote the day we decided to bike it was 108 heat index


We were promptly escorted to the bar where I cooled off with a Garden Preservation,served by the bartender who created this fresh, light, and summery concoction.


After finishing our refreshing libations, we were seated in the window. I am personally a fan of unique nook spaces, so this suited me just fine—adding to the rustic country home ambiance of the restaurant. 


The bread was perfection. After living in Paris and having bread for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert—I feel I have the credentials to verify this loaf. It was warm, crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside. 



A unexpected match made in food heaven was this split pea + mussel soup. It was so flavorful, yet not in-your-face powerful. It felt as if each of my taste buds had been kissed by an angel. 


Tagliatelle Bolognese 


Silver hake, fava beans, swiss chard, piperade, squash blossom. A plate this colorful, you know it’s gonna be good. 


Wood-grilled swordfish and shrimp, beets, goat cheese, + espelette curd.

I could go on and on about how good the food is, but I’d rather just have you go to Adams Morgan and have the pleasure and experience yourself. 


The meal ended with an expected bang. This warm raspberry + rhubarb crumble sealed the deal.

Person I would take as my date: A friend when I am playing “tourguide” around DC

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