Society Fair

Nothing gets me more excited than a boutique grocery. Somewhere you can run into, pick up 10 random items and have the most unique picnic. I found this in Old Town Alexandria at Society Fair. 

Each table display was centered around a different food category (my favorite food categories). These food categories included: chocolate & sweets, cheese, baked goods, wine and coffee. 

I’m telling you, you can walk in with a blindfold, pick things up and come out with a bunch of delectables. 

There is a cold area with items ranging from fresh guacamole to homemade yogurt parfaits. There is also a bar where you can order tasty sandwiches. 

The ice coffee—my summer favorite—was delicious. I took mine to go, but the comfy plush leather chairs were calling my name for my next coffee break. 

Who I would take as my date: My girlfriends for a coffee pick-me-up after shopping in Old Town!

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