So, I haven’t exactly been blogging. Not to say I haven’t been eating, and eating well…I just haven’t had the time to sit down and sum up these delicious dining experiences. But here I am, back in the USA, and I thought what better way to transition from my French food experiences to my American food experiences than writing about an American crepe restaurant.

This weekend, my travels brought me to Saratoga Springs, NY and my tummy brought me to Ravenous, a crepe restaurant off of main street. It was funny how almost immediately I felt at home (by home I mean Paris) when I smelled the sweet and savoriness in the air.

With seating in every nook and cranny of this small space, there was a busy vibe going on that made me excited to eat as I put my name in the cue. After being seated in the window and getting to know my neighbor, I took the time to review the diverse menu. They had Parisian classics, and some of their own unique crepes, such as the Taj Mahal which had ingredients that would be included in a traditional Indian curry and the Upper West Sider that had smoked salmon and cream cheese. Don’t forget to get a side of Belgian frites!

If you find yourself in Saratoga Springs, for a horse race or a concert at SPAC (I was there for a Phish concert), make sure you don’t miss indulging in one of these tasty crepes.

Who I would bring as my date: Parisian friends, to reminisce!


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