Barcelona, ES

Spring Break in Europe, what could be better? Approximately a week and a half ago, I set out with my three girlfriends from Charles De Gaulle airport to begin our spring break adventure. We started this adventure in Barcelona, Spain.

The first few days of our vacation, we were cursed with a bad case spring showers. It rained relentlessly, every day for four days. We found ourselves taking shelter in the warmth of grand churches, taking cover in the expansive market La Boqueria, and hiding in authentic tapas bar to indulge in big glasses of sangria. Things could have been worse.

We ended up going to an Ice Bar. The bar, seats…even cups were made out of ice.

The market was my favorite experience from Barcelona. I loved walking from stall to stall, seeing the inexpensive fruits beautifully displayed, the meat hanging from the ceilings, and the candied nuts piled high.

You can’t help but noticing the gaudy buildings throughout this spanish city. By “gaudy”, I of course, mean the architect and artist Antoni Gaudi, whose buildings and details can be found in many parts of the city.

Park Guell, was like Disneyland for adults. It is a mystical park where every turn leads you to something unexpected—whether it be a mosaic wall or a guitar player hiding under the shade of palms.

The Sagrada Famillia was unfortunately under construction. I was still amazed at the look of this church. It looked as if Gaudi was building a sand castle, taking the wet sand and dripping it over the castle.

As for the food, I found myself indulging in tapas plates of every kind; from grilled green peppers to spicy chorizo platters to colorful paellas. Of course, every meal was accompanied by a fruity sangria.

I don’t know the next time that I will be back to Barcelona but I know for sure that I will be back.

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