7eme + 6eme + 4eme

It’s finally here, springtime in Paris. We’ve waited long enough for it and it is time to truly take advantage of what this city has to offer, starting with a trip to the outdoor sculpture garden of the Rodin Museum. 

I wasn’t very excited about going, as I couldn’t appreciate sculpture as a form of art, but Rodin changed my views. Glad I didn’t close that door. The garden is absolutely lovely and if you aren’t interested in visiting the museum, you are able to pay a euro and sit in the garden (where most of the sculptures are anyways).

The same person, in three different positions

The Thinker(s)

My french professor had us meet at St. Sulpice the other day and from there, she gave us a list of directions in French. It was a scavenger hunt throughout the St. Germain-des-près area that required us to go into to cafes and ask waiters, look into store windows for certain books etc. The hunt lead us to Luxembourg Gardens, which was in full bloom and alive with people. 

Meeting point: St. SulpiceKind garçon helping on the hunt! Jardin du Luxembourg 

Today, I woke up and visited a petit cafe near my home to get some work done for my classes. The vibe you get at Parisian cafes is so unique, they really give the city character. 

“Je voudrais un café crème s’il vous plait!”

When my paper was finished, I started walking in the direction of the right bank with an agenda in mind: Shakespeare and Co. bookstore and Victor Hugo’s home…oh and because the weather is so fabulous an ice cream cone from Berthillion. 

Shakespeare and Co. BookstoreFrequenters of the bookstore (Fitzgerald, Stein and Hemingway just to name a few)Reading my new book of French poems by the SeineWalking to Ile-de-la-Cite for my ice cream

Banan et ChocolatHome of Victor Hugo

Feeling inspired to finish “A Moveable Feast” by Hemingway, I went to the local park to do so. Parks in Paris are just so much better, more crowded, happier, and livelier. America we just don’t do it like Paris.

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