Cinq Choses

Quite frankly, I’m becoming a Francophile. Every day, there is something that I find myself more in love with in this diverse city.

This is my first weekend in Paris in a month, and the forecast is actually boasting spring weather.

1. Taking a day trip to the Normand country side to visit the home of Claude Monet. Even though the water lilies weren’t out because of the unusually cold and long winter, it was still a sight.

2. The trash system in Paris is incredible. I am absolutely fascinated by it. Trash is picked up around the city, small side streets and all, daily.

3. Reading the novel, A Moveable Feast by Earnest Hemingway and being able to recognize almost every location and restaurant that he talks about. Also, visiting his favorite bar, Closerie des Lilas and getting a cocktail.

4. Walking around Montmartre during the day and at night. You get a completely feel at both times of day.

Fountains which you can use to fill your water bottle, found all around Paris.

Home of Vincent Van Gogh

5. The boulangerie near my school that spews out smells that make you consider getting one of everything on display and has a line of french collegiate students to match. I normally go for a the classic sandwich with ham and cheese on a toasted baguette.

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