South of France

France holds a true treasure in its southern region. Avenues lined with palm trees, the South of France is a paradise for all; offering mountain views, ocean breeze, city amenities with a small town vibe. 

Dress made completely of waterbottles

It was rainy on my first full day, so my friends and I started off our day by walking through the markets consisting of dried fruit stands and soaps made in Provence, making our way towards the Nice Modern Museum of Art. I loved the layout of the museum, and thought it was conceptually beautiful because of the way they would mix pieces by different artists contrasted by windows showing off the colorful city. 

Obsession with rose gelato

The next day was beautiful. With clear sunny skies, we put on our dresses and headed to the beach. Being Easter Sunday, there were many people out dressed in bright colors and cheerful. We basked in the sun and planned our trip to Monte Carlo. 

Reddest strawberries I have ever seen 

We took a train 30 minute train to Monaco (which by the way is its own country) to visit Monte Carlo. Other than the crystal blue water (after all, it is the Côte D’Azur) and the casino, nice cars and luxe shops—that was pretty much all Monte Carlo had to offer. 

After Monte Carlo, we took the train to Beaulieu (meaning “beautiful place”) and walked through the antique market and then headed back to Nice.

 Our last day, Brigitte and I woke up early and took a train to Antibes. We went to see the Picasso museum, and unfortunately it wasn’t open! So, we walked around the town, through the markets and had a nice lunch. It was then back to Nice until the six hour train ride back to Paris! 

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