Berlin, DE

Last weekend I visited Berlin. It was a very different vibe then I get from Paris. I don’t know which words I would use to describe it, but if I had to try: cold, grey, bleak, desolate. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy that I visited, it just didn’t hold the charm and character that I have found in so many other towns and cities. 

imageGraffiti covers every surface in Berlinimage

imageBeautiful Synagogue image


The first day, my friends and I took a 3 hour walking tour of Berlin. We saw the “sights” which mainly consisted of Brandenburg Gate and the remnants of the Berlin Wall. My favorite part of the tour was stopping in a parking lot and our guide telling us, “you are standing on top of Hitler’s bunker.” There wasn’t even a plaque saying so—just the way it should be. 

imageBrandenburg Gateimage

imageWalking through the gate from West Berlin to East BerlinimageHitlers Bunkerimage

imageBerlin Wall

We also visited the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. The architect/artist left the memorial up for you own interpretation. You walk through the varying statues to get the feel for the memorial-you don’t just look. What I got from it was that as a Jew, you couldn’t see what ahead of you or see anyone around you, you were alone, there was no way out, but somehow you were still able to see the light. image



I also wanted to share an obituary of a family friend I had the absolute pleasure of knowing. A holocaust survivor, Charlene Schiff led an eventful life full of difficulties I can’t even imagine. 

I visited Checkpoint Charlie Museum, dedicated to ways people went about crossing the Berlin Wall and the Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum was beautiful-the actual building it shaped as a broken Jewish Star. image

imageCheckpoint Charlie MuseumimageI found out that “Lehrman” and other versions are quite GermanimageHiding spots to cross Berlin WallimageSign still in place from Berlin WallimageChilling exhibit, you actually walk on these iron faces depicting Jewsimage


As far as culture, I enjoyed siting outside at a Biergarten (even though it was freezing), eating sauerkraut and döner kabob, and going clubbing until the wee hours of the morning. And of course, going to the largest chocolatier in the world. 

imageBiergarten on a boat, Van Loon (I highly recommend it)imageMy abroad friends, Brigitte on left and Kate on rightimageAsked waiter for something traditional. Got this. In Germany, they add flavors to the beer. Please notice the snow on the ground.imageA walk through the TiergartenimageTraditional German plates imageYum.

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