When in St. Malo, a small fishing village-do as the St. Maloans do…find a seafood haven. When walking upon the cobblestone streets, I came across this busy restaurant, with traditional french decor. Something else caught my eye though, it was the massive platters of seafood in the middle of the tables. No meal in Bretagne, is complete without cider. From the cider, I went on to choosing my courses from a pre-fixed menu. I went with the oysters and it was a great choice. 

My roommate choose the seafood platter, and while we were quite surprised by the crustaceans, the presentation was beautiful. 

After that, it was time for the main course of salmon and cod. At this point, I was already stuffed. I was able to make room for the salmon because it was grilled to perfection.

No meal in Bretagne is complete without creme or carmel. I ordered a specialty of the area, Salted Carmel Flan and it melted away in my mouth. 

There is no website, but you can find it by taking a train to St. Malo and walking down the cobblestone street of Rue Jacques Cartier.

Person I would take as my date: Couple on honeymoon

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