It was a snowy and cold weekend in Paris. This opened the door for different activities around the city (laying low inside included). And of course, the snow made Paris seem severely romantic. 

This of course made me think of my parents 

I had the pleasure of spending my weekend with a good friend visiting from her University in Florence. It was her first time in Paris, and I loved seeing her eyes sparkle as she saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time and her tendency to order a “pain au chocolat” at every patisserie. 

My friend, Carly, is a breakfast person. I researched to find a great place and throughout my research I came across a general idea- Paris isn’t big on breakfast. Of course, there were still a few options that could blow places at home out of the water. 

We ended taking a nice stroll to a café on Victor Hugo. It was marvelous.

Quiche Loraine Chocolate + Orange croissant with fresh squeezed orange juice

Avenue Victor Hugo 

The hotel that we stayed at was a chic boutique hotel. I felt like I was on vacation from a vacation! It was so posh-and perfect for the girls weekend that we had. 

One of everything left in the boulongerie + king size bed

Chic lobby

Open window bubble bath while the snow came through the window

That night we decided to go to a Michelin rated restaurant. Little to my knowledge, Paris has over 1,000 Michelin rated restaurants. We ended up choosing a Thai restaurant in the Marais neighborhood. The highlight of our meal was dessert: coconut sticky rice and the freshest mango we had both ever tasted. 

Michelin rating next to amazing smelling mangos EggrollsTom Kha Gai

Yellow curry

Overall, I’d have to say it was a fabulous and successful girls weekend. 

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