Une bonne journée

At this point in my semester abroad, a certain someone, namely my Gramps, is wondering about my studies. So, I would like to address them. I am only taking two classes. Not as easy as it sounds. My French class is for three hours a day, four times a week. I have only had two classes thus far, but I think that I have already learned a lot and refreshed on some French skills that were buried deep inside my hippocampus.

My professor, is a bubbly French woman who taught in Orange County, California prior to teaching at the Catholic University. The most interesting part of my classes are my classmates. Maybe I should have known, but my class consists of students from all over the world, at all different ages and points in their life. There are approximately 5 Americans, 10 Asians, 3 Germans, 3 Russians, 1 Macedonian, 1 Polish, and 1 Ukranian. Some are married, some have children, some are engaged, and some are students. For this reason, the class is a complete French immersion experience. This is the first French class I have taken where the teacher can’t break out in English to explain a concept; it has been difficult, yet somehow helpful to learn in french. I have also very much enjoyed hearing the different accents. Europeans have the easiest time mimicking the French tongue, where Asians have the hardest time. It has been a very dynamic learning experience.

imageWhere I have found myself before classimageMoss covered bench at the fountainimageNot quite sure who this is, nonetheless beautiful

After class, I ran to the local boulongerie to pick up a baguette for a picnic with my friends. I had an idea, once a week, my friends each pick up a different item (red wine, baguette, cheese and meat) and meet at a different spot in Paris. Today, it was the Eiffel Tower. It somehow took me an hour to meet up with my friends due to issues with the metro (I ended up taking a legit train), but it was so worth it.

imageFirst purchased baguette-succesfully ordered in French imageThe adventures of my baguette et moi on the trainimageA fine spot to picnic

After our lovely rendez-vous under Le Tour Eiffel, a brilliant idea inspired us to walk along the Seine in search for Berthillion, the best ice cream in Paris. It was a beautiful day in Paris, and nothing could stop us from finding the ice cream. We passed all of Paris’ architectural beauties, standing tall and strong as they have for centuries. Along the way, we stopped to give our picnic leftovers to the homeless, peered into bookstalls and enjoyed the small yet meaningful rays of sunshine.
imageOne of Paris’ lovely bridgesimage

imageThe lock bridge: go with your lover and throw key in water to symbolize eternal bond of love



imageBook carts along the Seine

imageThe cat postcards especially spoke to me




imageFeeding the pigeons


I know this is a day I will always remember, then again I think most in Paris are unforgettable. After walking through Île de la Cité and finding our way to L’Île-Saint-Denis, we finally came upon the famous Berthillion. We came to find out that it was closed on Tuesdays. That was ok, not only because the walk was worth it, but because every restaurant on the island seemed to serve the Berthillion ice cream, and our waiter told us the line is normally monstrous. And I can assure you, i’ll be back to wait in that to get the original.

imageFermezimageBefore: Carmel-salé et figue (Salted carmel and fig)


Now, I have some planning to do. My friends and I met up and discussed our travel plans for the rest of the semester. I am very excited for all my adventures to come!
imagePlanning our travels
image…while enjoying Nutella (Converse are très chic in Paris)

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