Chez Jaafar

There is nothing better than having a go-to spot. It is safe to say that I have already found that in Paris. Conveniently located near the Sorbonne, Chez Jaafar pulls you in with a “Couscous” sign and an authentic feel. I have been in Paris for less than five days, and have already returned twice.
The couscous comes out family style, for everyone in your party who orders a couscous meal. A couscous meal also comes with a warm broth of various vegetables. The vegetables keep coming too. They are so good that I finished one bowl and they brought another round. The biggest thing to address at this restaurant are the bold and delicious flavors offered in their plates. 
This flavorful jar contains their house-made spices for your couscous. It is actually incredible. They bring it out with the baguette and I can’t help but put it on that! The friendly owner came over and asked my table if we were from Casablanca, because of the way that we ate it with bread! 
This is definitely my go-to place in Paris. I will become a familiar face for the friendly owners!

Person I would take on a date: My study abroad amis! 

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