Now that I have de-briefed on my first few days-I can get into my interpretations of arrondissements, which in Paris are referred to as their number followed by “eme”. I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in the 16th arrondissement. 
imageA beautiful Paris day 

The 16th arrondissement is arguably the wealthiest district in Paris. Years ago, it was where Parisians would come to escape the hustle of city and go riding or spend time in the green space. There are still many parks and outdoor areas that represent this concept. 


The reason I was in this arrondissement was to visit the Musée Marmottan Monet. This museum was once an exquisite mansion and it contains the largest amount of works by Monet. It houses many of his water lilies collection. image






imageNapoleon’s Bed

I have heard about the Impressionist movement a million times, but this museum really solidified the idea for me. It is the first time that painters were able to go outside because paint was now in tubes and wouldn’t dry immediately. Therefore, painters were able to paint not only different objects, but also how they appeared according to natural light at different times of the day, season, etc. 

After the museum, my friends and I decided to explore the area a bit. There were many posh shops among the green areas, including a department-esque store called “Franck et Fils.” It was so pleasant to shop in, every woman was dressed in their best, some were even accompanied by dogs. It really excited me when I realized that, the colors displayed were the spring colors that influence the world of fashion! 

imageSpring colors

imageA lovely Parisian-pear perfume 


It was then time for a coffee at a crowded cafe and back to my home in the 14th. 


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