District Taco

I think I’ve found it. Well, ok my dad found it. Regardless, I think we found a mexican joint that is on par with Chipotle. It’s called District Taco and you’ve guessed it, it’s in the District of Columbia. 
It was founded by two neighbors who wanted DC to have authentic Yucatan style food, so they created a food truck. It eventually grew and now has multiple locations around the District. 
The salsa was all fresh and fabulous. Don’t forget to get a side (or two) of guacamole. 
I opted to get the carne asada and it was grilled to perfection. Seriously, beat Chipotle. This taco is loaded up with ingredients such as cilantro, black beans, raw white onion, garlic-lime rice, and fresh jalapeños. Trust me, they were fresh– my mouth was on fire (in a good way). 
I will be back to District Taco before I am back at Chipotle, and that will be pretty soon. 


Person I would take as my date: Chipotle Convert

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