For those of you who don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Corianna Rae and ever since I was little, my loved ones have coddled me with the nickname “co”. Since you don’t know this, you must also not be aware that a food that never fails to excite my taste palate is Vietnamese food, specifically Pho (more specifically P14 or pho ga where I come from). 

I treated my sister to pho at CO to finally get a taste for a familiar favorite flavor. I had to have the pho ga, as I always do despite my dad urging me to, “try something new”. I don’t mess with other options. Pho ga is a staple. 

CO is different from pho at home, the atmosphere is hip- trendy music is playing and cool cocktails are being shaken. 

The pho ended up being a treat. Don’t forget to try their own siracha if you are willing to spice things up.

Person I would take as my date: Myself, co! 

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